Adventures in the Land of Greasecars & Fireflies

Adventures in the Land of Greasecars & Fireflies

by Sascha Scatter

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Sascha Scatter's zine about his personal experience shopping for, converting, and thoughts surrounding switching to a greasecar (a car with a converted diesel engine that runs on used vegetable oil). The text mostly involves his stream of consciousness thoughts and what led him to the decision.



Indy Media Reviews 1/14/2011

"Sascha Scatter's zine/essay "Adventures in the Land of Greasecars and Fireflies is both a serious look at the gouging of the oil industry to the Amerikan public AND a very smoother overview as to how diesel vehicles can be converted to running both Bio-Diesel (a combination of Diesel Fuel and Vegetable oil) and a PVO (Pure Vegetable Oil) system. This 'zine cites various sources, gives an internal running dialogue about why cars aren't inherently evil, but are mere extensions of the people that drive them, and an overview as to how the conversion system works. I found this work to be very fascinating, and because of it I am now considering a diesel vehicle purchase."