Dangerous Damsels: Feminist Fairy Tales

Dangerous Damsels: Feminist Fairy Tales

by Sarah Rose

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From the intro: When I was a kid, my heroes were She-Ra, Princess of Power and Punky Brewster. I missed the princess bandwagon. Sure, I heard about them in school, but I was pretty lucky that my mom and grandma let me read whatever I wanted. My grandma bought me a subscription to a series of books called "The Valuetales" series. Each book would feature an admirable personality trait (Courage, Patience, Love, Creativity, etc) and showed how the trait specified had helped out a real, live hero or heroine from history. Later, my grandmother would also subscribe me to the "Especially for Girls" book club, in an effort to curb my enthusiasm for True Romance magazines and Harlequin novels.

There are a thousand ways that growing up, we, as women are programmed to assume that the answer to our problems will come at the last moment when a handsome prince in shining armor rides up on a white steed to rescue us. Or that the end goal of our lives is marriage and procreation. Certainly, it's time for those outdated stories to be updated for ourselves, if not our kids.

This includes art by Meg Eubank and Dre Grigoropol as well as new interpretations of Hansel and Gretel (by Sivan Sabach), Cinderella (by Meg Eubank), Thumbelina (by Marie Macula), and more.