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Holy Moly: Cavity Search


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Free to you from our friends at THREE.ONE.G!

Cavity Search, the latest installment of the holiest of molars. For the band, it was like puling teeth to get this new EP recorded due to the geographical locations of these self proclaimed dentists. However, it sure the hell happened, and its the bands best work to date. Branching out even further into, uh, whateverness, this EP is loaded with some serious metal drumming, songs about Pocahotass, and some of the strangest sitar and horn arrangements added to the bands recorded material. For those unaware of the dental quintet, the band is comprised of members of The Locust, Das Oath, Some Girls, Get Hustle, All Leather, Head Wound City, Failures, Retox, Antioch Arrow, and Charles Bronson. To top it off, this EP has some amazing art by Mark McCoy.