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"Grandma, I'm an Anarchist" Mystery Pack!

"Grandma, I'm an Anarchist" Mystery Pack!

Pioneers Press

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Need some zines to horrify your conservative family? DO WE HAVE A PACK FOR YOU! Curated by zine expert and Pioneers Press author Julia Eff!

THE HOLIDAYS SUCK! You wanna cut this year's misery short?? Just leave some of these babies on the coffee-table at the next family get-together and wait for the fireworks. Guaranteed to have you sitting at the kids' table for probably the rest of your life! What better way to shock, confuse, irritate, needle & terrify your less-than-tolerant (racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynist ... ) family members than by picking up some new reading material, educating yourself, and giving your money to hardworking advocates & activists, strong women, & take-no-shit queer folks??

Six (or more!) zines focusing on badass ladies, anarchists, surviving the reign of 45, protesting, preventing sexual assault, and livin' it up LGBTQ style PLUS all the anti-bigotry, anti-racist, antifascist swag you'll need to get your angry uncle to have to go sit down in the basement for a while rather than be in your wonderful, compassionate, thorny, asskickin' Decent Human Being presence.

Also makes a great stocking stuffer/TAKE A HINT, ASSHOLE gift for anybody who shouldn't be let out of the house in the morning if they keep behaving that way! Buy one for yourself, and one for the jackass in your life. THE FATE OF FUTURE PEACEFUL FAMILY HOLIDAYS IS IN YOUR HANDS!

This pack includes: 
6 (or more) zines
2 postcards
4 stickers
3 buttons