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"Emotional Reads for Your S.A.D" Mystery Pack!

"Emotional Reads for Your S.A.D" Mystery Pack!

Pioneers Press

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Curated by zine expert and Pioneers Press author Julia Eff!

The sun’s going down too early, it’s cold, there’s lines at the post office, city buses are arbitrarily malfunctioning, it costs a trillion dollars to travel anywhere, and people are fist-fighting each other in Target over tiny plastic robot monkeys NOT TO MENTION A YEAR OF NONSTOP APOCALYPTIC-LEVEL HORRIBLENESS IN THE NEWS. THERE'S A LOT TO BE SAD ABOUT IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW.

So why not E.M.B.R.A.C.E. your S.A.D. for a few hours and curl up in the comfort of your own home with some zines guaranteed to make you feel a whole lotta feelings?? (Full-spectrum lamp not included.) Sometimes it feels good to just wallow in your depression, especially when you know there are people out there going through the same thing. Give yourself the gift of camaraderie through misery & survival with this pack of ultra-emotional zines from our favorite creators.

Guaranteed to include 7 (or more!) zines and a pin or sticker with UPLIFTING phraseology (cuz hey, you can’t be sad all the time right?). We’ll even put a couple postcards in there too. Reach out! Write to your fellow sad friends, talk about being sad together. Take your vitamin D, sit by a window. Go outside. Take your zines outside! Cry in public. Enjoy this most miserable time of the year!

This pack includes:
7 (or more) zines
2 postcards
1 sticker
1 button