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Year-Round Self-Care Pack

Katie Johnson

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This pack includes:

Nesting: Self-Care Tips for Autumn and Winter is a collection of physical and mental health tips for surviving the colder, shorter days. Spread across a full-day calendar (waking to sleep) Johnson breaks the day into segments and lists reminders on how to be kind to yourself, deflect the blows as they come, and not succumb to colds and flues or sink into a deep winter depression. Useful, honest, funny, and friendly, Nesting offers concrete, specific ideas on staying productive, happy, and healthy.

Katie Johnson completes the seasonal cycle kicked-off with Nesting in Hatching: Self-Care Tips for Spring and Summer. This is a workbook and a compendium of tips for rebuilding your life and shaking off those cold winter blues as spring hits! An inspiring guide to happier, smarter more productive living full of practical non-wishy-washy ideas, advice, and pep-talks!