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Philosophactivism Volume 2: Queerbomb 2014 Edition (e-book) - Pioneers Press

Philosophactivism Volume 2: Queerbomb 2016 Edition (e-book)

Toi Scott

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From the author: "Philosophactivism 2: Queerbomb (2nd Edition 2016)

This volume of Philosophactivism was written specifically for the radical queer pride event Queerbomb, held annually in Austin,TX.


1. Another Brown(less) Queerbomb 
2. Oppression and Austin: Drag Performance, Racism, Misogyny, Transphobia 
3. TDOR Speech 2013: Trans Day of Remembrance/ Reclamation /Resistance 
4. Farmer's Markets, Classism/Racism, and moving from Acknowledgment into Action 
5. Fed up in Austin 
6. On Gentrification
7. The State of Women of Color 
8. A Note on my perceived anger and bitterness. Silence, Release, Conviction and Standing in my Power... "