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Adam Gnade Words and Music Series

Adam Gnade Words and Music Series

Adam Gnade

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Besides his Big Motherfuckin' Sad book/chapbook series, Adam Gnade's self-described "life's work" is a series of books and "talking songs" (audio literary recordings) called We Live Nowhere and Know No One that share characters and continue an ongoing plotline between releases. This set is made up of all the current in-print physical releases we have available.

These include:

The Locust House novella, published by Pioneers Press and Three One G

The Life is a Meatgrinder that Sucks in All Things cassette that serves as a prequel to Locust House, a double EP, the first side featuring Adam backed by Planet B (members of the Locust, Head Wound City, Dead Cross, Retox, etc) while side B features six solo acoustic renditions of material on side A.

His second novel Caveworld, published by Pioneers Press and Punch Drunk Press

His debut "talking songs" album, Run Hide Retreat Surrender, released by Loud + Clear Records, a label run by Brad Lee of the San Diego bands The Album Leaf and Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects.

Also includes a 1" pinback button and a few related gifts we'll throw in when we have them.