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"Fall in Wanderlust" Mystery Pack

"Fall in Wanderlust" Mystery Pack

Pioneers Press

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Another special zine mystery pack curated by zine genius Julia Eff!
From Julia: Ah yes, “travel more,” the New Years resolution we all start out hopelessly devoted to until capitalism bursts through our bedroom wall like the Kool-Aid Man to remind us student loans exist & we’re all going to die in a debt-ridden hellscape that we didn’t even create! You might not be able to leave the state this month (or this season or this year or fucking EVER oh god why are bus tickets so EXPENSIVE when there isn’t even TOILET PAPER half the time), but BOY HOWDY DOES THE ZINE WORLD HAVE YOUR BACK!! We’ve got a pack of zines designed to make your hitchin’ thumb itch with anticipation of the untraveled road ahead.
See the world through the eyes of six different authors & artists, all bringing their unique spin to the Great Road Novel…errr, zine (you get the idea) to showcase what makes just getting up & going such a magical experience. Different talents, different styles, different persuasions; all deeply personal and loaded with the excitement of tasting something totally new, these zines’ll make your heart sing with all the possibility of the big wide world. You can almost smell the sweeping scenic panoramas, backpack-snacks, electricified feeling of exploration, and uncharted personal geography from here.
This pack includes 6 zines to get your adventure flowing & inspire you to put rubber to road & get the fuck out there in 2018 & beyond. Revel in the restlessness. Don’t let life (or these great reads) pass you by.