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I Like My Sex Like I Like My... Sex Positive Zine

I Like My Sex Like I Like My... Sex Positive Zine

Elly Kalfus and

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From the publisher: Each page of this zine says, "I like my sex like I like my ________" with different descriptions for each one. This zine is really meaningful to me because it suggests that sex isn't as separate from other parts of life as it is often portrayed as being. For instance, you can have sexual preferences and even a sexual personality, just like you have food preferences, entertainment preferences, etc.

The last page of the zine really drives this message home in a touching and honest way. I won't give anything away; I'll just say it's the perfect ending. :)

Elly Kalfus of Boston, MA is the author and illustrator who made this zine. I am honored to have the opportunity publish it through Pleasure Pie.

DETAILS: This zine measures 2.75" x 4.25" and is printed on standard white computer paper, using color ink.