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INDEX Issue 3: “Bowl” by Wallace Stevens, 1916

Wolverine Press

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“Bowl” was first published in Others: A Magazine of Verse in March 1916. You can read the public domain poems and prose of Wallace Stevens collected on the Internet Archive here. Typeset by Sylvan Thomson.

INDEX is a "deconstructed" letterpress journal of literature and art made by Wolverine Press, the publishing studio of the Helen Zell Writers Program of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. A traditional journal of literature is composed of poetry, prose and illustrations. Each issue of INDEX focuses on just one of these elements.

Published as a single card in an A2 envelope, each issue features either a poem, a prose piece or a single illustration. Each issue is limited to an edition size of 100 copies. All the text is printed from hand-set metal type, the images from photo-engraved copper plates. Every copy is handprinted, hand-assembled and hand-numbered.

Classic authors and artists (Yeats, Dickinson, etc) will appear alongside new and established contemporary creators (Laura Kasischke, Josh Berg, Jason Polan, etc).

All profit from these sales will go directly to support the publishing, educational, and preservation missions of Wolverine Press.