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Solicitation Skill Set: A Guide to Respectfully Hitting on People Zine

Solicitation Skill Set: A Guide to Respectfully Hitting on People Zine

Casey Pegg, Nicole Mazzeo,

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From the publisher: Sometimes it is intimidating to figure out how consent and gender equality can play into flirting and approaching people. How do you confidently show your interest in someone, without coming off as creepy or overbearing? How do you make sure that the person you're approaching feels comfortable being honest about their level of interest in you (or lack thereof)? This zine is about how to approach people romantically/sexually in a way that is as positive and empowering for everyone involved as possible.

"When I was fresh out of college I became interested in "pick up artist" books. The mentality in those books is really fucked up, misogynist, etc. And yet they were meeting a need for me, for my loneliness. I've done a lot of subsequent thinking about what exactly that need is and how it can be met in a way that is genuine and not manipulative. I think that this zine could be a way to get more straight, cisgender guys interested in feminism. After all, that's kind of my success story: patriarchy wasn't working for me, feminism helped me find myself, that sense of wholeness gave me confidence which enabled me to cultivate healthy and fulfilling relationships." - Casey Pegg

Written by Casey Pegg
Cover art & inside illustrations by Nicole Mazzeo

DETAILS: This zine measures 2.75" x 4.25" and is printed on standard white computer paper, using black ink.