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Your New Best Friends (Perzine) Mystery Pack!

Your New Best Friends (Perzine) Mystery Pack!

Pioneers Press

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Currated by zine expert and Pioneers Press author Julia Eff!
The best part about the zine/DIY publishing world is all the amazing people who let you into their lives, one photocopied issue at a time. Binge-read the life & times & innermost secrets, feelings, love lives, creative triumphs/slumps, crappy/awesome day jobs, struggles, triumphs, and just day-to-day deep shit from some of the best creators out there today. It's like a slumber party crossed with one of those late night diner meals with your BFFs where you're too hopped up on coffee to make a sentence with less than four "DUDE ... OKAY, OKAY, BUT --"s and you can feel your lungs vibrating: absolutely the best. These zines will make you feel alive. You'll laugh, you might cry, your heart could get broken, and that's all part of the adventure and the experience and you'll come out a better person having read them. There's just no way to fake this kind of honesty. It's a riot on the page.
This pack includes:
8 (or more!) zines from some of the coolest, most creative people with lots of opinions to share, books they've read, and stories to tell
2 postcards so you can communication with one of your new best friends
1 "Read More Books" sticker
1 "I Read Zines" button