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INDEX Volume 1 Box Set, Issues 1-6

Wolverine Press

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Introducing The Index.

The Index is published by Wolverine Press, the letterpress studio of the University of Michigan Helen Zell Writers’ Program.

The editor of The Index for the first sixteen issues is Amanda Rybin Koob.

Each issue is handmade at Wolverine Press in Ann Arbor. The text of each issue is hand-set in metal type, letter by letter, space by space. 100 prints are letterpress printed for each edition, and each is hand numbered. Once the edition is completed, the forme is disassembled, and the metal type is redistributed back to case.

The Index collects broken puzzles that, in their incompleteness, create a space for wonder—like a koan mashed up with a prayer. These noetic shards take the form of verse poems, prose poems, short prose, images and other genre-fluid print artifacts. We contextualize new pieces by contemporary authors with classic works, hoping to fracture them with salvages from the past. The work we are interested in seeks the expansive in the small, or the detail in the expanse, but without any easy metaphors or equations. We look to riddles, fables, charms, and alchemy.

All pieces were selected, typeset, and printed by Amanda Rybin Koob unless otherwise noted. Collaborators/Index Devils include: Rebecca Fortes, Robert Heald, Tara Jay, Kristin Nelson, Laura Preston, Fritz Swanson, Sylvan Thomson, and YoungEun Yook.

The Index is bi-monthly. The body face used is Century Schoolbook. The titles are set in Futura. The box is blind impressed with Franklin Gothic Condensed. Each issue is cased in an envelope made by the French Paper Company of Niles, Michigan.

All profit from these sales will go directly to support the publishing, educational, and preservation missions of Wolverine Press.