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American Dreams: Lost and Found

American Dreams: Lost and Found

Studs Terkel

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Back in print, the book the New York Times Book Review called the Pulitzer Prize winner's best. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ted Turner, Jesse Helms, Joan Crawford, Vine Deloria, Helen and Scott Nearing. These are just some of the people Studs Terkel has persuaded to tell their version of The American Dream. In this group portrait of hopes, we see that American reality defies our stereotyped expectations. Starting with an embittered winner of the Miss U.S.A. contest who sees the con behind the dream of success, the Pulitzer Prize-winning interviewer discusses ideals and aspirations with the businessman enamoured of success, the farm kids dreaming of the city, the city boys determined to get out, the Boston Brahmin, and the KKK member. We see both the simple dreams -- owning a piece of land or running a small-town paper -- as well as the grand aspirations -- building a fourth television network, or becoming the best body builder in the world.

470 pages, 5.5" x 8.25", Perfect bound