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Do Your Own Drywall: An Illustrated Guide - Pioneers Press

Do Your Own Drywall: An Illustrated Guide

Pioneers Press

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Professional expertise for the amateur builder and remodeler!

Proper installation of interior plasterboard or drywall is a requisite for successful home building or remodeling. Nevertheless, it is a topic that most do-it-yourself guides either leave out or skim over in a few paragraphs.

And where does that leave you, he do-it-yourselfer? It means suffering the frustrations - and the mess - of leaning drywalling the costly trial-and-error way ... or it means calling in the professionals to do the job at even greater expense!

Now, however, there is another solution ... a practical money-saving alternative for those who want to do their own drywalling easily, inexpensively, and looking good the very first time. It's this excellent, new, step-by-step guide to installing and finishing interior walls and ceiling using the most modern drywall materials and techniques.

Written in logical, easy-to-follow format and packed with detailed show-how illustrations, it makes even the hardest part of drywalling - joint finishing- incredibly easy. It's a guide that leaves nothing to chance, absolutely no questions unanswered.

Note: This is a used book.