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Philosophactivism Volume 1 (e-book) - Pioneers Press

Philosophactivism Volume 1 - 2nd Edition (e-book)

Toi Scott

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From the author: 

"Philosophactivism 1 (2nd Edition 2016)

1. Overworked and Underpaid…what else is new? 
2. Environmental Racism  
3.Food. Justice. Part 1: The Color of Food Justice
4. Food Justice Part 2: Queering Justice
5. The thing about poverty 
6. No, thank you to your "table" OR Not interested in sitting at your table 
7. Visionaries don't need to dream
8. The Master's Tools... 
9. I'm not doing this for my health 
10. POC Anti -racist organizing and burnout
11. Thoughts from a QPOC going into 2012 
12. Occupy Oakland 
13. Throwing Stones at the windows of Ivory Tower
(and bringing knowledge to the People for $Free.99)
14. On Being Bilingual
15. Only tell me of the possibilities, please
16. Oppression and Organizing Against Obliviousness"