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Quitter #10

Trace Ramsey

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We are given a lot in the 10th issue of Trace Ramsey's Quitter. Beautiful design, excellent writing, ideas, story, pain, ornithology, history; this is a solid work that shows Trace at the top of his game (a game we imagine he'll top again with the next release). Quitter Ten is about family, abuse, birds, land, genes, busted love, new love, old love. Like Scott McClanahan's Crapalachia this is a story of American roots, of fallen family members, secrets, sickness, memory, a narrative that looks at the past from a struggling (but hopeful) present. Trace's writing is a quiet, contemplative thing in a world (and a scene) that for both good and ill gives us a lot of flash, sex, and noise. In a sense, Trace's work is a kind of throwback to a more restrained and gentle time. Which is not to say the ideas he tackles are either. His work can be (almost as a running theme) wholly devastating. Like a spider he can kill you with a touch. Just the same, you get the sense he doesn't want to. There isn't a note or strain of gratuitousness or sensationalism to his work. Everything in these pages is done with respect and class and is rendered with a deliberate, careful touch. Ten issues in, he has built up a substantial body of work. You should expect big things from Trace Ramsey. Here at Pioneers Press we always have.

32 pages, 4.75"x3.5", Saddle-stitched