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Quitter: Good Luck Not Dying ~ Press Resources

What do you do when you realize the whole system is chock full of faulty wiring and institutionalized myths? Do you stay behind that desk (whether metaphorical or literal) and burrow into the security of "living in the first world" or do you throw yourself into the wilds? Sometimes it's not so black and white, and sometimes "cutting ties" requires a privilege and skill-set we don't have. 

In this anthology of Quitter issues 1-6, we see Ramsey battling fear and freedom, history and an uncertain future. There are no hard and fast answers; nothing set in stone besides the guarantee of chaos and troubled waters ahead. Over the course of 64 pages, Trace struggles through life, winning and failing, looking for a better path but not always finding it. 

A deeply honest narrative on struggling to break the binds that hold us down, Quitter: Good Luck Not Dying is a devastating, thrilling read; a beautifully written examination of the frustrations and pitfalls of life in the current age.

Trace Ramsey Bio

Trace Ramsey is a recipient of the 2015 Ella Fountain Pratt Emerging Artists Award in Literature. In December, 2014 Trace received a Certificate in Documentary Arts from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. He recently participated in the The Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, the oldest writers' conference in America. He lives in East Durham, North Carolina with his longtime partner and their two children.

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