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All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues - Pioneers Press

All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

Julia Eff

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From the author of Every Thug is a Lady, Julia Eff's All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues is a wild run through a harrowing, darkly funny, oft-times crushing/devastating adolescence. Says Julia the zine is "Part perzine, part horror story, part spelunking adventure into my mom’s tortured psyche, ALL THE BEST COWBOYS is 68 quarter-sized pages of heartbreak. Stories of dead squirrels, defrauding jesus, voicemails from hell, alcoholism, bipolar disorder, and the best music of the mid-nineties are all wrapped up in a hand-illustrated, hand-written zine. Sit back, relax, and let my traumatic childhood make you feel that much better about your own! It’s cheaper than therapy and there are even illustrations (by the lovely Heather Kelly, making their zine debut)!" This beautifully illustrated zine is something you'll keep forever. For serious, dudes: All The Best Cowboys is pretty damn outstanding. One of the best things we've read all year!