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Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Gary Lutz

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From the publisher: “Wherever there are two people, people even anything like us, one is forever the casualty of the other.” –from “You Are Logged In As Marie,” one of four new stories in Gary Lutz’s Assisted Living

Beautifully printed by our friends at Scout Books, Lutz’s new fictions dig deeper into the psyche of men and women grappling with making sense of their aging bodies and frantic but tired hearts, often living in towns where “all roads led to the one road that wasn’t going where you wanted to go.” Full of propulsive sentences and a humor made darker by his characters’ sharp bitterness, Assisted Living is another dose of scathing sadness and comedy.

“Lutz is a master prose stylist.” —Bookforum

“Gary Lutz is a revolutionary force in American writing, reinventing prose fiction with sentences that always deliver on their extravagant promises.” –Sam Lipsyte

“Gary Lutz is a master–living proof that . . . true originality is still an American possibility.” –George Saunders

32 pages, chapbook, ISBN 978-1-892061-78-2