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Best Game Over (a card game about zines!) - Pioneers Press

Best Game Over (a card game about zines!)

Billy Da Bunny

  • $ 800

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From the author: Do you love games? Do you love zines? Well, snap, here ya go! The Best Game Ever! Because it's about zines!

This 70-card deck is a game where each player tries to create an imaginary zine by adding "Content Cards." As more and more content is added, the zine becomes worth more and more points. But be careful, because there are bad cards as well! Your zine might look sweet until an opponent plays "Racist Story" on you! Your zine isn't so cool now, is it? But play a "Binder Card" and finish your zine, now the points are worth double!

A point getting game, that's what this is. When someone goes "out," you add up the points, write them down, and shuffle up! First person to 750 points wins! Plays like a cross between canasta and Magic The Gathering.

Seventy different cards, plus two blank ones so you can invent your own. At $8, this will provide a lifetime of fun. I won't even charge shipping! Also, did you notice the awesome drawings?