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Big Diamond #2

Big Diamond #2

Liam Ira Christian

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Big Diamond is a photo zine by (then) four-year-old Liam Ira Christian. He takes the photos, does the cut ‘n’ gluestick layouts, and writes (dictates) the hilarious/weird/heartbreaking captions. This is the second zine in the series and focuses on life in his farmhouse at the end of winter. While still chock full of silly photos and descriptions of his two-year-old brother Jack, this one has some gut-wrenching peeks into the mind of a young kid struggling with the separation of his parents. By turns dark and optimistic, it’s beautiful and engaging in its honesty. Liam also took it up a notch by including an intro letter to his readers, along with another interview between him and his mother, Pioneers Press owner Jessie Duke. We’re obviously biased, but we think this zine is pretty special and a must-have for your zine collection.