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Big Diamond Rad Pack!

Big Diamond Rad Pack!

Liam Ira Christian

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A photographer and zine-maker since toddlerhood, six year old Liam Ira Christian documents his life in captioned photography that is equal parts hilarious, weird, sweet, and dead-serious. The eldest son of Pioneers Press owner Jessie Duke, Liam also shows life in the indie publishing world as seen from a kid's eye-view. This zine will make you feel good about the world because it shows a big-hearted person making his way through life (camera in hand) and trying his best to live kindly and do good works. Big Diamond is a living work--the product of a person learning and growing up, issue to issue. (The first issue was released when Liam was three and a half, the second issue was released when he was four and a half.) The world is a very frightening, tumultuous place right now. Big Diamond will soothe some of this--at least for a small piece of your day. And sometimes that's all we need.