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Birds Birds Birds - Pioneers Press

Birds Birds Birds

Tennessee Lynn Henry

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Tennessee is 2-1/2 years old and lives in Durham, NC with her Mama and Papa. One day Tennessee and Papa dumpstered a handful of encyclopedias and brought them home to look through. One of them happened to be the Balfour-Both volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica (1966 version). The zine's name Birds Birds Birds and many of its images came from their discoveries within its pages. Tennessee picked all the images, colors, fonts and told all the stories/sang all the songs. She also took the photographs. Some of the zine is cut and paste, some of it is digital manipulation. Papa (Trace from Quitter zine) did the final scanning under Tennessee's watchful eye. Tennessee's favorite saying throughout the production of this work was "I need this for my zine." Putting the zine together was fun and hopefully other kids and families will like it.

16 pages, 5.5"x4.25", Saddle-stitched