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"Comics with Hearts & Smarts" Mystery Pack

"Comics with Hearts & Smarts" Mystery Pack

Pioneers Press

  • $ 2000

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Another special zine mystery pack curated by zine genius Julia Eff!
This pack includes 6 (or more!) comics from some of the most whip-smart and heart-heavy creators in the indie comix scene today.
From Julia: Once upon a time, comics were strictly kiddie stuff. An arbitrary morality code laid down by boring suit-and-tie types kept out all the swears, sex, violence, “radical ideas”—all the fun!—until the medium got hijacked by people wanting to share their little corner of existence with the world in a way words alone can’t convey; weirdos, perverts, activists, radicals, wingnuts, and history buffs. Personal hijinks, longform journalism, history, feelings, politics, and a love of dogs abound in this selection of our favorite indie comix. This isn’t child’s play—we’re talking smart, funny, heavy writing (that just happens to accompany tons of excellent artwork, to add a whole extra layer of feeling & understanding to this 7 Layer Dip of literary prowess) to educate, entertain, tantalize, and make you feel like you have a new friend. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll travel around the world through time & space without getting out of bed! You’ll riot in your own living room & get fired up to fix the state the world’s in right now! It’s like six cups of coffee, but on paper, for you to read with your eyeballs! You’ll come out of these comix feeling like a new, fiercer version of yourself, ready to take on the whole universe—one drawing at a time.