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Crust Dog #2 - Pioneers Press

Crust Dog #2

Anthony Sorge

  • $ 450

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In the first issue of Anthony Sorge's killer comic, a crusty punk dude stumbles his way through life without much regard to his faithful pup, Handlebar. The end is a massive Sixth Sense-ian surprise and well-worth picking up a copy (we won't spoil it. Sorge's second issue is a big 44-pager wherein we meet Roy, a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown. What follows are screamy punk bands and toilety rock clubs, vomit on the streets and mailbox baseball. And of course Handlebar, Crust Dog #1's lovable (and fierce) protagonist. What will happen when pissed-off Roy and sweet/no-shit-taking Handlebar finally cross paths/comic panels? Read it to find out! You won't be disappointed. PS: This zine won the nonexistent (but still totally valid) "2012 Jessie Duke Best Comic Of All Time" award. Get on it!