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Crust Dog #4 - Pioneers Press

Crust Dog #4

Anthony Sorge

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It's amazing how this comic grows in leaps and bounds each issue. What started as an (albeit hilarious and totally right-on) gag has become an ongoing (fictional) documentation of the current state of life for various activist and anarchist communities in 2013. Grand juries, raids, activists being branded as terrorists, cops shooting dogs, direct action, trainhopping ... this is life as a lot of people know it, a hard life, and a daunting one, but one that comes alive with images and text that jump off the page. Crust Dog's Anthony Sorge is writing/drawing history as it happens and one day folks will look back on the work he's done and see the vast and resonating importance. It's important to record and it's important to remember if we're ever going to change. Pioneers Press vouches heavy for this comic.