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Cursed in Cairo

Cursed in Cairo

Chris Clavin

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Cursed in Cairo is Chris Clavin's look at moving to a ghost town with the hopes of building a punk community outside the grips of capitalism and mainstream society. The latest release from Secret Sailor Books shows Clavin and friends trying to make it work against the odds. An inspiring, scary, hilarious true story.

Says Pioneers Press author Adam Gnade on the back of the book, "Cursed in Cairo is about trying to do something big and important, and all the pitfalls, disasters, and adventures that come along for the ride."

224 pages, 6" x 10", Perfect-bound

Also available as an instant e-book download.

Recommended for fans of: Ghost Mice, Get in the Van, We Owe You Nothing, From the Graveyard of the Arousal Industry, Tranny, Plan-it-X Records