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Death in a Rifle Garden

John-Vincent Greco

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To put it very gently, we don't normally go for poetry zines. When we do it's a reflection of how hard the text has hit us, and Death in a Rifle Garden was a big uppercut from a prime-era heavyweight. John-Vincent Greco (a poet) is a character from SF-based writer Rich Baiocco's forthcoming novel. And John-Vincent Greco has written a zine (which is to say Rich has written a zine as J-VG.) The beautifully laid out (note: hand-painted covers, each one original), Death in a Rifle Garden is a war of ideas--images flash through a very modern and familiar landscape ... plastic guitar picks, prehistoric sharks' teeth, piers, the altar at a Saturday mass, hoary tunnels in Central Park, sweaty sheets ... these are places we've been, terrain that feels like home, but a home seen through someone else's eyes. Baiocco/Greco's writing here is humid with details and heavy-packed with mood. Themes emerge. Frustration is palpable (and so is humor). Sex is everywhere. This is a book of movement and heat, water and sensuality. And it's poetry. Great poetry. A rare thing, we think. Much, much recommended.