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Depression 2.0 - Pioneers Press

Depression 2.0

Cletus Nelson

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We have grown accustomed to life in a stable and prosperous society, and many of us are not prepared for financial uncertainty.Depression 2.0 is a practical, empowering, hands-on guide to persevering and even thriving in the event of an economic crisis. Placing particular emphasis on self-sufficiency, community-building, and personal resilience, this timely, informative book offers a hopeful way forward in a time of great uncertainty. Bankruptcy, barter, and survival investing are a few of the important topics explored. Here's the chapter list:

     • Worst Case Scenario: Contemplating Unemployment
     • Down but Not Out: Economics for Leaner Times
     • Walking Away: Thinking about Bankruptcy
     • In Case of Emergency: The Resilient Home
     • Return to Simplicity: Retreat Options
     • Keeping the Lights on: Home Energy Solutions
     • Between the Cracks: When You Have No Shelter
     • Beyond Currency: When Greenbacks Go Bad
     • Survival Finances: Crisis Investing
     • Future Shift: The Road Ahead