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Dog Days #1 - Pioneers Press

Dog Days #1

Emma Anticlimax

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From the author: here it is, the perzine i have been threatening to write since the mesozoic era! this is the first in a zine series (dog days) about my life & the people in it. this issue is subtitled "die-hard alaskan fisherman!"

"die-hard alaskan fisherman!" is about something i still don't know how to talk or write about, namely That Time I Was Sexually Assaulted By My Best Friend. you can tell this is a serious topic by all the humor i'm using in this listing to cover up how i feel!

jokes aside, this issue is about dealing with trauma from a personal perspective, digging back and forth in my memory to talk about the ways this event has effected me and how i have changed as a person because of it. sad things are in here in droves, but i think the overall tone is hopeful.

major trigger warning for sexual assault, minor trigger warnings for related depression/dissociation/confusion. please be safe. i love you.