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Fritz Kahn (Hardcover)

Fritz Kahn (Hardcover)


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This is massive - 390 pages - and beautiful!

Anatomy of ideas: The life’s work of an infographics pioneer 

Fritz Kahn was a German doctor, educator, popular science writer, and information graphics pioneer whose brilliant work has all but fallen into oblivion. Chased out of Germany by the Nazis, who banned and burned his books, Kahn emigrated to Palestine, then France, and finally the United States to continue his life'swork. Though his achievements were numerous, the most notable was the development of creative visualizations to explain complex scientific ideas. Published on the 125th anniversary of Kahn's birth and destined to bring his work back into the spotlight, this monograph features more than 350 illustrations with extensive captions, three original texts by Fritz Kahn, a foreword by Steven Heller, and an essay about Kahn’s life and œuvre. Natural science buffs, graphics professionals, and anyone interested in visual expression of ideas will be fascinated by this tribute to Kahn’s greatest achievements.

Fritz Kahn: Official Selection TED Book Club
Four times a year, the non-profit organization “TED” sends out a specially curated selection of up to three books that support the TED mission: “spreading thoughts that change attitudes, lives, and ultimately the world, by bringing together ideas from the fields of Technology, Entertainment, and Design” (= TED). For the fourth and final book club mailing of 2013, the TED Book Club jury has chosen the Fritz Kahn monograph as one of their top bi-monthly recommendations, meaning that the world’s most inspired thinkers as well as attendees of the two global annual TED conferences will receive the Kahn publication in February 2014. Through its decision, the jury acknowledges Fritz Kahn’s inspirational mind and his work as a pioneer of information design.