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Goth Gang: A Memoir. Full Collection Set

Goth Gang: A Memoir. Full Collection Set

Hunter Seaton

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Goth Gang is a series about gothic youth with all the romanticism, awkwardness, and great/terrible fashion you might imagine from such a story. In issue one we get the sweet, painful, heroic true story of a group of nerdy, socially invisible middle school friends finally taking the plunge and buying their goth wardrobe at the hip shop in town (read: pre-Hot Topic). Think the Wonder Years with eyeliner, Morrissey cassingles, and burgeoning adolescent angst. Think My So-Called Life with more Angelas and Rickies and less Jordan Catalanos. Think Bauhaus, Siouxsie Sioux, and the Cure. Think Goth Gang.

Goth Gang's second installment is about fear and change, a story of losing status as your friends turn into 15-year-old vampire punk gods. Bleak, funny, and surprisingly unnostalgic, this is the Empire Strikes Back to the series' trilogy, but instead of carbonite and snowwalkers we have divorce and crippling nicknames. 

In Goth Gang #3, Hunter Seaton's life is in collapse. Where does one turn to in dire times? The salvation of the darkest music of course. Hail Satan! As this 4-part memoir series draws to a close, the kids are definitely not alright.

16 pages each, photocopied
Recommended for fans of: Reckless Chants, '80s goth and synth pop, the Wonder Years, bad/great fashion