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Goth Gang Memoir, Part 1: Teen Witches and Morrissey Punks

Hunter Seaton

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Goth Gang is a series about gothic youth with all the romanticism, awkwardness, and great/terrible fashion you might imagine from such a story. In issue one we get the sweet, painful, heroic true story of a group of nerdy, socially invisible middle school friends finally taking the plunge and buying their goth wardrobe at the hip shop in town (read: pre-Hot Topic). Think the Wonder Years with eyeliner, Morrissey cassingles, and burgeoning adolescent angst. Think My So-Called Life with more Angelas and Rickies and less Jordan Catalanos. Think Bauhaus, Siouxsie Sioux, and the Cure. Think Goth Gang.

2.75"x 4.25", 16 pages, Black and White