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Grub #3

Synchronize Witches

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From our awesome UK buddies Synchronize Witches! Issue #3 of the rad food zine!

Food, feelings, politics and potions ::: This issue’s got a bunch of simple recipes plus stories, poems and comix. It’s a whopper at 56 pages!

With contributions from Bunny Michael, Joana Matias, SBTL CLNG, Rebecca May Johnson, Aimee Herman, Francesca Kritikos, Stevie Mackenzie Smith, Alicia Rodriguez, Jessica Mendham, Saffa Kahn, Francesca Riley, Beth Maiden, Julian Bradley, Craig Pollard, Lucy Dearlove and Ben McDonald. Edited by your two fav libras, Cherry Styles and Brigid Elva.

56 pages, 5.84"x8.27", Saddle-stitched