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Health Tonics, Elixirs and Potions for the Look and Feel of Youth (used, vintage, hardcover)

Pioneers Press

  • $ 700

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In this book, Carlson Wade, a leading health researcher, reports on a startling new Youth Restoration Program that uses ordinary household ingredients - available for pennies, without tonics, elixirs and potions that may actually strike back at serious diseases, bring relief from seemingly hopeless aches and pains, and begin generating new health and energy to every area of the body! Now, for the first time, you'll discover how these health tonics, elixirs and potions may be prepared, quickly and easily, right in your own kitchen, and how others have used them to, for example, stimulate hair growth, ease rheumatic distress, soothe stomach pains, heal arthritis, promote a restful sleep, promote a beautiful skin, invigorate the heart, cleanse the bloodstream, promote clearer thinking, help chronic bronchitis, clear up headaches, restore regularity... Each chapter in this book contains experiences of those who have followed the programs for youthfulness and how they have been able thereby to have a more youthfully satisfying life. The programs and guidance in this book are completely medicine-less. They involve no drugs, nor expensive things for you to buy. All ingredients can be purchased quite economically in your local supermarket or health food store.