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Herbal Freedom School Volume 1 - 2nd Edition (E-Book) - Pioneers Press

Herbal Freedom School Volume 1 - 2nd Edition (E-Book)

Toi Scott

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From the author:"Updated 2nd edition (2016).

This “freedom session” is a smaller version of the Herbal Freedom School webpage which is part of It is a compilation of links, books, and articles about herbalism and other holistic healing modalities that complement it or intersect with it. It is an attempt to make herbal and holistic knowledge more accessible (again). 

The Herbal Freedom page and zines are not meant to be exhaustive or definitive. They are a few steps on the revolutionary journey. There's a lot out there. *Please verify by cross-referencing with other sources and remember there is no one way to come at this healing work and for this reason there's a lot of seemingly contradictory information. Hopefully this will be a catalyst for folks to begin/continue on their path and even collaborate with others within the movement.


1. The Basics  
Medicine Making Basics 
Introduction to Medicine Making
Definitions and Terminology from Medicinal Herbs
De-mystifying Terminology
2. Anatomy and Physiology 

3. Reading the Body 
An Introduction to Pulse and Tongue Assessment 

4. OURstory

5. The History of Chinese Medicine

6. Pan-African Indigenous Herbal Medicine

7. Our Radical History Black berets, white coats: The Black Panther Party for Medical Self Defense Autonomous healthcare in the Zapatista communities 
8. Resources"