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I Don't Know How to Help You

Jessie Duke

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Compiled by Jessie Duke, I Don't Know How to Help You is a compilation of writing exploring the difficulties in supporting loved ones with depression, and not knowing how to ask for help when you are the one suffering. This is a resource of assistance and compassion, of true ache and optimism in the face of crushing blues. 

With letters and essays from Jessie Duke (Hard Fifty Farm zine series, owner of Pioneers Press), Adam Gnade (The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin' Sad, Caveworld: A Novel), Jonas (Fixer Eraser, Cheer the Eff Up, The Greatest Most Traveling Circus, SRVIV), Trace Ramsey (Quitter zine and book series, Lasterday), Elizabeth Thompson (SRVIV and Country Grind Quarterly contributor), Alyssa Bicoy, and Kelly Bastow.