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Manhattan Transfer

John Dos Passos

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This novel by the author of the USA Trilogy offers an “expressionistic picture of New York” in the 1920s ( The  New York Times ).

Much like the vivid experience of riding the city's mass transit system, Manhattan Transfer introduces us to a large and diverse cast of characters — from wealthy power brokers to struggling immigrants — and paints a portrait of this place and its people in the period between the two world wars. From Fourteenth Street to the Bowery, Delmonico's to the underbelly of the city waterfront, John Dos Passos chronicles the lives of Americans struggling to become a part of modernity before they are destroyed by it.
Called “a novel of the very first importance” by Sinclair Lewis, Manhattan Transferis a masterpiece of modern fiction written by an icon of the Lost Generation whose books still “read as if they were written yesterday” (Dave Eggers, bestselling author of The Circle ).