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Parcel Magazine, spring/summer 2014 - Pioneers Press

Parcel Magazine, spring/summer 2014


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Parcel is a beautifully designed showcase for work by known and developing writers and artists. Each issue is a collectible volume sent to subscribers along with limited edition broadsides and postcards. In addition to publishing writers of national renown, Parcel aspires to bring added recognition to the vigorous writing community in and around Lawrence, Kansas, and is produced and printed locally.

Featuring work by Maureen Alsop, Judith Arcana, Kelly Barth, Matt Bell, Crystal Boson, Michelle Y. Burke, Cody Ernst, Diane Glancy, Kristen Gunther, Piotr Gwiazda, Alec Hershman, Nathan Knapp, Louise Krug, Ellyn Lichvar, Matt Morton, Rachel Marie Patterson, Colin Rafferty, Marvin Shackleford, Rachel West, and Mary Wharff. Art by Cable Griffith. Print by Biklops Design.