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Proof I Exist #12 - Pioneers Press

Proof I Exist #12

Billy Da Bunny

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It's Proof I Exist #12—the exodus issue! Billy has decided to leave Chicago after many, many years, severing ties with great friends, tons of personal history, and a vibrant scene. As the zine begins we see him living his last Chi-town days—shows, food, friends, bikes, run-ins with gangbangers—he packs a whole lot of livin' in and does it all in style, prompting him to question, “Why doesn't everyone live like this all the time?” But no rest for the weary; pages later Billy and his faithful pup Kai are on the road, New Mexico bound! Along the way Billy stops at home to visit his mom and stepdad at their Missouri homestead and muses on how religion's not too different from punk, before reaching his destination a few days later. But the story's not over! Should he find a place in town or opt to live off the grid? Is his new place bike-friendly? It's a good timesy adventure the whole way through, culminating with a strange and mysterious meeting with an incense guru with rockstar clientèle! 

40 pages, 5.5"x8.5", Saddle-stitched