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Queering Herbalism (e-book) - Pioneers Press

Queering Herbalism - 2nd Edition (e-book)

Toi Scott

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From the author: "Queer. Brown. Herbalism

Compiled from which contains commentary and resources about holistic healing with an anti-oppressive (namely anti-racist and pro-queer)framework and a lens toward a more historically accurate, complete and inclusive (decolonial) history of healing.

2016 Updated 2nd Edition. 144 glorious pages.

I. Reclamation and Reflections 
• The Inaccessibility of Modern Western Herbalism
• No Herbal Revolution without an Anti-Oppression Framework
• We are the Sum of our Ancestors, Decolonizing Herbalism and other healing modalities
II. Traditional Indigenous Healing 
•Two-Spirit healers and tradition
III. Medicine Making Basics 
IV. Flower Essences
V.More Flower Essences
VI. Radical Brown Health and Healing 
VII. Brown Resources 
VIII. Queer Reads"