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Read Once & Destroy - Pioneers Press

Read Once & Destroy

Julia Eff

  • $ 400

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Read Once & Destroy is a new collection of writing by Every Thug is a Lady author Julia Eff! This rowdy little 60-pager packs a ton of work into a small format (read: small lettering = tons of bang for your buck/something more zinesters should do). Like all of Julia's zines, this is heavily-illustrated/collaged and each page is a total mini poster of ideas, images, and genuine rad shit. Some of our favorite things in this zine include Julia's list-essay, "Why Zines Are Cooler Than 'Real' Writing"; the piece on visiting MC5 singer Rob Tyner's grave-site (note: a lot of music in this one AND a lot of death); the essay about why Julia wrote a zine about Columbine, and ... we could go on forever; this thing is just one highlight after the next. Really fucking good. Worth your time. Worth your money. Don't miss out!

60 pages, 4.25"x5.5", Saddle-stitched