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Resist #47 - Pioneers Press

Resist #47

Mat Resist

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A DIY instruction manual with a few personal stories mixed in, Mat’s documented adventures are underlined with a sentiment and honesty that promote an inner optimism. In Resist 47 he explores his love for many things, all the while reminding the reader to find heart in simplicity:

“Sometimes it’s impossible to hear the song of a bird through the commotion of noise in our own head. I want to bring some of that slowness home with me. To enjoy a good hot cup of coffee in the morning, not rush through half a dozen cups of tepid mediocrity just to keep my eyes open.”

Friendly and easy to relate with, this little gem also includes great information on gardening. A seed packet is gifted, serving as a wonderful additive that fits with the spirit of all that is written.

Chapters include:

  • Plant Something
  • Tom the Turkey (Our 1st Butchering Experience)
  • Warshing Machine Bass
  • Starting a New Garden
  • Installing an Exterior Spigot for the Garden
  • Slowing Down
  • Removing a Seized Bottom Bracket Cup
  • Worms: Just Another One of Our 'Strange' 'Pets'
  • Building an Emergency Bicycle Pedal
  • Eating & Healing in the Backyard
  • Rethinking Winter Biking
  • Why I Do What I Do
  • Now I Can Dream...