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Rock 'n' Roll Astrology and Rituals

Rock 'n' Roll Astrology and Rituals

Elizabeth Thompson

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From the intro: "Rock 'n' Roll Astrology and Rituals is guide to celebrating rock 'n' roll and all the planets (and dwarf planets) in our solar system.

While this isn't your typical astrology guide, it does draw on traditional astrological characteristics for the planets. Each rockstar is paired with the planet whose characteristics they most clearly display. While all the rockstars here share characteristics with multiple planets, I assigned them to each other with this traits that I thought they most strongly represented.

Use this guide to celebrate both the planets and the rockstars associated with them. Each planet/rockstar is assigned a day o the week and a set of rituals. Use them to help you celebrate science and music everyday because both are amazing and rad and will make you feel better about the world when things are at their darkest."

4.25"x 5.5", 48 pages, black and white