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Sad Kid Solidarity - Pioneers Press

Sad Kid Solidarity

Ollie Elizabeth

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Put together by Ollie Elizabeth, Sad Kid Solidarity is about heavy/mean/awful beasts like depression and anxiety and self-harm and PTSD, and at the end of the whole thing you'll be left feeling a little less alone. That's what we look for when we pick up zines for the Pioneers Press catalog, the ideal really.

What makes SKS such an important read is there's no preaching or fumbled attempts at answers. (Read: this is not self-help. Self-care, yeah, but you won't get any "oh it'll-be-fiiiiiine, just pray to a fucking crystal" new-age platitudes here.) Rather, Ollie has collected submissions from sad kids all over who detail a day in the life, broken up list-style and by time. Example: "9:25--you're sitting with your roommate on her bed, and the fact that she exists and that she loves you is enough" or "3am--Lay in bed/contemplate life/(try not to) cry over all the things."

The list/time format makes for a quick and addictive read (you'll want a whole BOOK of these) and by zine's end (if you're like us) you'll have a ton of those "I do that too!" moments that really help in the whole "Maybe I'm not alone/so damn alien/a creep/in such bad shape" category. Super refreshing.