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Sex Letters Vol. 1 Zine

Sex Letters Vol. 1 Zine

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From the publisher: This is a zine of real letters ordinary people have written to their teenage selves saying everything they wish they knew about sex (and bodies, gender, relationships, etc.) as a teenager. The Sex Letters Project is a blog where people (anyone! you!) submit their letters to be posted (anonymously, or not). This zine is a compilation of some of the letters that I've found most moving and insightful.

This zine includes my letter(!), as well as a variety of other letters written by people of various genders. You're likely to find something relatable, something heartbreaking, and something empowering in these letters.

See more letters and submit your own at!

DETAILS: This zine measures 5.5" x 8.5" and is printed on standard white computer paper, using black ink.