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Skeletor's Guide to Self-Care 2ND EDITION!


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2ND EDITION! More great advice from your favorite fantasy warlord!

Skeletor's Guide to Self-Care is a brand-new comic chock full of the fearsome He-Man villain's philosophy on self-care, radical mental health, and battling depression. From cutting toxic personalities out of your life (read: He-Man, Orko, Teela, etc) to learning the joys of being single, Skeletor gives the goods on finding a happy, satisfied, balanced life for yourself. (Note: evil/weird/WTF as this sounds, the advice here is actually totally sincere and usable.) Who knew the evil sorceror of Snake Mountain had such a deep, giving, ever-searching soul? The good folks at Eternia Press did! They were, like, "Somebody give this man a book deal!" And thus this comic was born! Hail, Skeletor. Hail him now. Hail him always.