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TEN PACK OF Loving the Ocean Won't Keep It From Killing You books

Rachel Bell

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Out now! This book is the debut release on the new imprint Hello America.

"Rachel Bell is one of the most ambitious writers alive. Picture this: Rachel Bell invites you to a bar and says, 'I’m going to tell you a story about America.' You think Disney, fireworks, hot dogs, baseball games, tanned people, Christians. But Rachel Bell says, 'Not the America promised to you in the movies. The real one.' And now you’re listening. Because Rachel Bell is murdering this America in front of you. She talks about sex and anxiety and depression and shitty people and drugs and trailer parks and violence. She talks about love. And you listen. You pay attention. And in that moment you realize something. This is a gift she is giving you: the death of the American dream."  -Oliver Mol, author of Lion Attack!